Keno Online #1 Guide Australia

Keno is a thrilling and exciting game of chance, known as a kind of lottery. If you like to have fun while gambling and you’re looking for an easy-going experience, Keno is your go-to online casino game.


Best Keno Sites For Australians

With so many online casino options to play Keno, you may end up losing time browsing, trying to find the best real money online casino games. In our expert review, we gathered the top sites to play Keno for Australian players to start playing and winning today!

A Complete Guide To Playing Keno

Keno is one of the most popular lottery-like games at online casinos. This game also has several variants depending on the casino you decide to play at. However, the basics of Keno are the same across every casino.

Real money prizes make Keno a fantastic and joyful chance-game, and that’s the reason why many online casinos have massive jackpots of Keno games. Despite being a game with no proven strategy to hit a big win, most gamblers have different strategies, like choosing specific numbers that resonate with their personal lives.

The Keno game consists of a card with 80 numbers on it, and players have to pick a certain amount of those (most casinos set the limit to 20). Once players have chosen the numbers of their preference, a random number generator (RNG) draws 20 numbers.

If players hit one or more numbers, they win their bets. However, several players agree that there are always hot and cold numbers in Keno. Hot numbers are those that come up with higher frequency, and cold numbers are those that are less drawn.

However, there isn’t a proven formula that guarantees winnings but, one thing is guaranteed, you will have plenty of fun playing Keno online.

How To Play Keno?

Keno is very easy and fun to play. In just a few steps, you’ll be ready to choose your favorite numbers and put your luck in motion. Check the steps below to learn how to play real money Keno at an online casino.

  • Choose and click on one of the online casinos that we assembled for Australian players that guarantee real money winnings.
  • First, you should create an account at the online casino of your preference to verify your personal details and start playing real money Keno.
  • Keno cards have a total of 80 numbers, and in most casinos, you can pick up to 10 or 20 numbers. This amount may vary depending on the online gambling platform you choose. Now, it’s time to pick your numbers.
  • Next, you have to choose the betting amount per draw and how many games you will play.
  • Click the play button (this may vary depending on the casino), and wait for the RNG to draw the numbers. If one or more of the numbers you chose are drawn, you’ll be paid!. This is also called a ‘catch’.

Keno Odds

Keno odds charts are everywhere on the internet. However, according to the experience, middle-spot games are usually the less risky and with higher winning chances. Moreover, the best odds to make picks are the four-spot, five-spot, and six-spot.

Keep in mind that as every casino has Keno variants, the probabilities and odds change between them. Players should check the Odds or Probabilities charts to check what are the wagering conditions.

Ways To Play Keno Online In Australia

Australian players are the luckiest, and even without hitting a massive prize at Keno. This is because all gambling winnings at online casinos are tax-free, so that’s a big lucky strike to begin with. For those eager Aussie gamblers looking for top online casinos to play Keno, we curated a fantastic selection to suit their gambling needs.

Betting real money is thrilling but we know you want to bet only in the most reliable places. Australian players have many real money online casinos to choose from and enjoy every cent of their tax-free winnings. Furthermore, most casinos have different types or variants of Keno to make the experience even more exciting!

How To Win At Keno?

Even though Keno doesn’t comprise any strategy at all as it’s a chance game, there are a few tips you may consider to improve your chances of hitting the jackpot. Therefore, progressive keno games are also an excellent way to win acceptable amounts of money.

At Keno, some people have their own favorite numbers that have a deep meaning for them, like a birthday or an anniversary date. These people will stick to those numbers for the rest of the game. However, we have some tips for those who don’t have any preferred number to help you make a smart pick.

  • Pick numbers that are drawn often. If you observe carefully  you will notice certain trends. However, they don’t persist for too long. Some people call this strategy “Chasing the old man.” The rule says that if a number appears several times, there are higher probabilities of betting on it and winning.
  • Pick some random numbers and stick to them for several rounds. Some people say that this strategy usually works well. You just pick numbers of your preference and play the same numbers through each round.
  • Pick numbers that don’t come up often. This strategy is on the flip side of the first strategy of this list. And it’s called “Letting the old man chase you.”. The theory states that if a series of numbers didn’t come up recently, you should choose those as they should come up soon.
  • Pick consecutive numbers. Some expert Keno players say that this may be one of the most used strategies, as successive numbers are more likely to show up often. A consecutive number sequence could be 7/8 or 20/21. But then again, it’s a chance game with a random number generator, so there’s no guarantee of winning.

Keno FAQ

What Is Keno?

Keno is a type of fast-paced lottery game, more dynamic than standard bingo. In fact, if you don’t know how to play keno, but you have played the lottery before, you will find they are similar. Keno cards have numbers from 1 to 80, and players have to pick up to 20 numbers.

However, the game’s main goal is hitting the 20 numbers and nobody expects to achieve that. Probabilities are very low, but rewards can be juicy even without hitting the 20 numbers.

Perhaps the main difference between the standard lottery and Keno is that the jackpot is not as big as the most famous lottery games. However, Keno is more fun and rewarding to play as the prizes come almost instantaneously, as the game draws every three or five minutes.

Furthermore, at an online casino, you just have to pick the numbers, hit the play button, and wait for a Random Number Generator (RNG) to give you the results, quite like a Bingo. The best part is that you can enjoy playing Keno from the comfort of your couch at an online casino, which is quite an attractive plus!

What Are The Odds Of Winning Keno?

The odds of winning Keno may vary between games and always depend on the amount of numbers you pick. Most gamblers agree that hitting all the 20 numbers drawn by the RNG is almost impossible, so you can consider yourself lucky enough if you hit 10 numbers or even less.

However, in most online casinos, there’s a side screen updated in real-time with the odds of winning for the bet size you make. Plus, the screen also shows how much money you are expected to win according to your bet.

How Many Numbers Are In Keno?

Keno has a pool of 80 numbers on each card. Plus, you can play several games at a time to increase your winning chances. Most players think that picking large amounts of numbers will guarantee winning. This is partially true, as there’s a high probability that one of the numbers you picked comes up.

However, the payout number usually decreases when you pick several numbers. So if you want to find the perfect balance between the chances of winning and the prize amount, you should pick between five to ten numbers. However, you can select more than ten numbers and even twenty if you want to play all-in.

What Keno Numbers Come Up The Most?

Despite being a chance game and a random number generator, sometimes each online casino has a few hot numbers that come up the most.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t guarantee any winnings. But in case you want to know which numbers are the hottest at most online Casinos, here you go. The hottest numbers awards goes to 1, 4, 23, 27, 34, 72. Of course, always remember that numbers are randomly drawn and that picking those numbers won’t guarantee a win.