Top Australian casinos with huge progressive jackpots

Online pokies and slots are the most played casino games ever. These enticing chance-games captivated players worldwide for decades and now spread all over the Internet through online casinos. So, there’s no doubt why progressive jackpots are so popular.

Progressive Jackpots

Best Casino Sites With Progressive Jackpots For Australians

If you are a pokies fan, you may know how bothersome it is to search for the best progressive jackpots. We assembled the top progressive jackpots with the best real money prize pools for Australian players to make your choice easier.

What Are Progressive Jackpot Games?

Progressive jackpot games are trendy. What makes them super exciting are the big prize pools they usually offer. There’s no online casino that doesn’t have pokies and slots. However, not every casino has progressive jackpots with enticing winnings.

Progressive jackpots increase their prize pools as players place bets and spin the reels, and a small fraction of the bet amount goes straight to the prize pool.

The most reliable and popular online slots usually encourage players to place a higher wager to qualify to win at progressive jackpots. However, this doesn’t guarantee that players will win. It just increases the gambler’s chances to hit the Jackpot.

Different Types Of Progressive Jackpot Games

There are hundreds of progressive jackpot slots with life-changing rewards for the players. Large prize pools make these games very attractive, and that’s why many Australian online casinos offer so many different pokies and slots. The following are different types of progressive jackpot games players will find across online casinos.

Local Jackpots or Linked Jackpots

This type of progressive Jackpot consists of several pokies and slots games within one casino, linked. You can find five or more games that are interconnected at online casinos, sometimes from the same software provider.

Standalone Jackpots

The classic progressive Jackpot. These Jackpots are just a single game (or machine in traditional brick and mortar casinos) that’s not linked to any other video slot within the casino or even across other casinos.

Network-Linked Jackpots

Network-linked jackpots are usually the ones that offer larger prize pools. Those video slots are linked to video slots in other casinos usually operated by the same owner. On the down side, chances of winning these types of progressive jackpots are quite small but the prize pools are amazing.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies for Real Money

This is a selection of some of the most popular real money progressive jackpots for Australian players from the top software providers within the gambling industry. However, these are just our top ten best progressive pokies. Each software developer has several different games, so the options are almost endless.

  • Mega Jackpot Progressive
  • Treasure Nile
  • Major Millions
  • Greedy Goblins
  • Treasure Room
  • Diamond Wild
  • Ultimate Super Reels
  • Lucky Leprechaun
  • Platoon Wild Progressive
  • Super Multitimes Progressive

Progressive Jackpot Pokies Strategy And Tips

Jackpot games are absolutely random, so there’s no proven strategy to win at all. Plus, there’s no way to cheat the pokies system. However, there are some tips you should consider when playing to make your experience more fun and exciting.

Set Your Limits

Before starting to play, always determine the amount of money you plan to spend at video slots and pokies and stick to that budget.

Play At Local Jackpots

We know massive prizes are alluring. But if you are just chasing a prize no matter the size, your chances of winning will increase by playing at local jackpot slots. These jackpots don’t offer massive prize pools, but they still have exciting rewards, and as they are local, chances to win are higher

Play The Max Bet

Betting the maximum stake at progressive jackpot slots in most online casinos usually qualifies players for the big prize. On the other hand, if you decide to bet lower amounts, you can still win some money but won’t be eligible to win the main Jackpot. To qualify for the prize pool, sometimes slots have specific wagering and stakes requirements

Play At Licensed Online Casinos Only

Even though this may sound pretty obvious, not all online casinos hold a valid or active license to operate. And as a result, you may end up winning and never get your money paid. So, always check the license holder badge at the online casino you decide to play.

Payout Policy When Winning A Jackpot

As there are so many software providers and online casinos, it’s always a good piece of advice to read terms and conditions for progressive jackpot payouts before playing. Every company has its own terms and conditions that players should check to avoid future concerns if hitting the progressive Jackpot.

Thus, you should always check that you are playing at a licensed casino. This, for sure, guarantees that your bets are safe and they payout your winnings. Cashout limits on each casino will determine how the winner will receive the price and if the payment will be weekly or monthly.

Most online casinos have an average monthly withdrawal limit of up to 50000 AUD, so always check the payment terms and conditions. Imagine hitting a progressive jackpot with a massive prize pool in an online casino with low withdrawal limits. Quite disappointing, isn’t it?. You won’t like receiving your prize in small fractions as it may take years to be completely cashed out.

Some online casinos also offer their VIP players in the top levels higher withdrawals and benefits for holding part of their winnings on the casino account.


What Is Jackpot?

A Jackpot is usually known as a top prize with large amounts of accumulated money, mostly on video slots and pokie games. In fact, each time a player places a wager, a small amount of that bet goes straight to the Jackpot prize pool. Some games are also connected between them to enlarge the size of the prize.

So, that’s why a progressive jackpot offers such big real money prizes as the pool increases every time a player spins the reels in those video slots. If the amount of your bet is high so it’ll be your contribution to the progressive prize pool.

However, to hit the juicy progressive jackpot pool, you just need a lucky strike, as it’s a mere chance game with no strategies behind it. Players just have to hit the winning combination and, even this sounds pretty straightforward, there are thousands of spin combinations.

How to win Jackpot?

Despite being a chance game and developing a strategy to beat a machine that works randomly is almost impossible, there are some facts to consider if you want to succeed.

However, the Internet is full of questions such as ‘how do you win slot machines?’ or ‘how do I know when a slot machine will hit?’. These questions don’t have a single answer. In fact, there’s no proven method to win a progressive jackpot.

Nevertheless, the best advice to increase the chances to win is to play in slots with smaller jackpots. Those slots usually pay out more frequently than the massive jackpot slots. We know massive jackpots sound very attractive, but if you really want to get any reward, you better aim for smaller jackpots.

How to play pokies with progressive jackpots?

Playing jackpot-pokies is pretty straightforward. You just have to choose a video slot you like the most, place your bet and spin the reels. As general advice, before starting to play, you should determine the amount of money you plan to spend and stick to it. Never place bets that you can’t afford to lose.

What does Jackpot mean?

The jackpot term comes from two words, jack, and pot which means ‘big prize.’. It usually refers to a large prize in a competition or a game, according to dictionaries. The online Jackpot aims to hit a winning combination in a slot with an accumulated prize pool.

However, the term jackpot comes from the 19th century. By then, it was used not for slot machines but for a poker game. There was a version of poker called ‘Jack Pots.’. At this game, players couldn’t open a bet unless they hold a pair of jacks (or something better).

In case no one had a pair of jacks, and the hand couldn’t be opened, players began a new one and accumulated the prize. That’s where the word Jack comes from, and as for Pot, they used it to refer to a large prize pool to bet in the poker game. So, when slot machines came up, the best word to describe the game dynamic was Jackpot.

How much is a jackpot?

The jackpot prize pool will depend on the amount of the bet plus the number of times players spin the reels until they hit the winning combination. That’s why progressive jackpots don’t have a fixed amount.

Once the Jackpot winning combination is triggered and the progressive jackpot prize is won, the prize pool resets. All online casinos have different progressive jackpots, and there’s a wide offer of prize pools. So, players just need to focus on the video slots that best suit their winning expectations.