Tips How to Win at Roulette: Best Strategies for Players

If you are someone who loves trying their luck at roulette but have little to no luck lately; do not worry. We understand that roulette can get unpredictable but that doesn’t you cannot win it. Remember, you can win at roulette if you use the right strategies like any other game. Therefore, we have added the best strategies for players who aren’t sure how to win at roulette. We will cover everything there is to know about roulette so that you can start with your winning streak today.

Top Online Roulette Casinos in Australia

Aussie gamblers love betting their money in hopes of winning big. However, not everyone knows how to win at online roulette. Fortunately, our guide will have you winning big amounts even before you realize it. Remember that we focus on the best roulette games only. Therefore, we have a table for the top online roulette casinos for Aussies, so that you know where to bet your money. This table is all you need to find the best online roulette casinos in Australia.

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Discover the Best Roulette Strategies That Work in 2024

Now that we have highlighted the best roulette casinos; it is time to talk about the best roulette strategies that work in 2024. These strategies can guide you on how to win with online roulette the next time you are ready to bet everything on the line. So let us begin with our list of strategies.

Martingale (Best-Known Progressive Roulette Strategy)

The first pick is the martingale approach, which is the best-known progressive roulette strategy. We base this one on a simple theory of a sequence of random variables, also called the stochastic process. However, in gambling, Martingale is a great strategy for anyone who wants to win in roulette as it can help you determine the possible next value to hit the jackpot.

You would have to start by doubling up on losing bets and you can cut the winning bets by half which would essentially increase your chances of winning.

Fibonacci (Best Roulette Strategy for Big Betting Range)

Next up, it is the Fibonacci roulette strategy which we base on the famous Fibonacci number that requires you to increase your bet every time you lose. All you would have to do is move a number up sequence each time you lose in a roulette bet. Similarly, each time you lose a bet, you should move two numbers down the sequence.

This simple method ensures that you recover your losses and your wins in some cases too. It might take a bit of practice, but you will surely get the hang of it and will be winning big in no time.

D’Alembert (Best-Known Low-Risk Roulette System)

The D’Almbert roulette system works quite the same as the Martingale method we mentioned above. In this method, you will have to change your strategy a bit. Let us explain, instead of doubling your stakes each time you lose; you should add one unit to the player’s stake. Similarly, you would decrease one stake each time you lose a game.

The concept focuses on roughly equal numbers of red and blacks appearing. We also use this for odds and evens; however, the house edge will always be in your favor when you follow this method, increases like of winning.

The James Bond roulette strategy is perhaps the simplest and the most effective one. It includes betting on three possible numbers that cover a 67% chance of winning by the end of the game. You can use it with the total amount of money that you are ready to bet. Ensure dividing the amount into three parts and lastly, always remember to double the bet when you lose (like the martingale method).

With enough practice, you will have the license to win (if not the license to kill) when you use the James Bond strategy for your next roulette game.

Labouchere (Most Famous for Big Bankrolls)

If you wish to work with this roulette system, know that it involves working with even numbers only. We also call it the cancellation system or the split Martingale system. If you want to use this method, you will have to decide a value that you want to win from the game. Next, add all the even numbers that lead to the predetermined numbers.

The player will add the first and the last number on the list of even numbers to determine where to bet. If you win the bet on that round, remove that corresponding number from the list. You can still get the amount you lose at the end of the game and continue to play until you remove every number from the list. You will either have the money you predetermined or run out of money to wage anymore.

Reverse Martingale (Preferred for Player Win Streaks)

You must do the opposite of what you do in the martingale process which is why we call this roulette system reverse martingale. You will have to half the bet each time you lose and double it each time you win. It is ideal for players who want to win streaks while ensuring a high probability of winning by the end of the game. The reverse martingale is perhaps the least risky strategy on our list which is why all beginners should start with this.

Is There Really a 100% Working Strategy to Win at Online Roulette?

We know we have listed some great methods that can help you win big in roulettes but there is something you should realize. Casinos and online roulette opportunities will never let you play with real where you can win more easily.

Remember, that the house edge always allows casinos to stay in profit so do not try to get ahead of yourself. It is important that you gamble responsibly because losing too much money in roulette games could land you in big trouble in the long run.


Which is the best roulette game to win in Australia?

English and French roulette variations are known to have the best risk/reward balance, and you can find those in the casinos from our list. In American version the house edge is higher, though the game itself might flow quicker. European Roulette is much like American but offers better winning chances. Other version – like Astro Roulette, Mini Roulette, Super Roulette, and a few more are developed to spice things up, and the payouts are often high enough in those new versions of the old game.

How to calculate roulette odds?

The easiest way to calculate roulette odds is to check for the probability. You can then calculate the odds by the following formula: Odds for Winning = Probability of Winning / (1 – Probability of Winning)

How big is the house edge in roulette?

The house edge in roulette remains at 5.26% but it can go up to 17% depending on the game you wish to play.

What is progressive betting at roulette?

We know progressive betting in roulette also as martingale method in which you need to double your bet after every loss you endure. The method improves your chances of recovering your losses by the end of the game drastically,

Does Any Roulette Strategy Work in the Long-Term?

There are no long-term winning strategies but there are still ways that you can use to win in most cases. The only problem is the wins are smaller than the losses in the long run making players lose more money.

Are there software programs that help you determine the best bets to make?

There are plenty of software like Bet Calculator that can help you determine the outside bet value and help you win. However, there is always an element of uncertainty when you play roulette online. You can use the following soft to improve your chances: Bets and odds calculator; Paddy Power’s Bet Calculator; Bet PA; Matched Betting Calculator.

What is the safest bet on roulette?

Experts claim that the Fibonacci method is the safest strategy to win at roulette when you compare it with other methods like progressive betting systems.

Are there any non-progressive betting strategies for roulette?

Yes, there are plenty of non-progressive betting strategies for roulette players. These methods allow players to change their bet sizes in any way they want. The non-progressive method gives them the freedom to change their gameplay amidst a game.

The Final Say

Winning at roulettes seems quite easy if you follow the roulette systems we added to this article. However, we still need to clear the air because there is no 100% guarantee that these methods might work for your specific games. Thus, always play responsibly and keep your head in the game. We hope this guide helped you; make sure you reach out to us if you have further queries.