Video Poker #1 Guide Australia

Unlike other casino games, video poker is a fascinating and fast-paced game that has specific rules and strategies. If players understand and know how to apply some of these, they will undoubtedly improve their winning chances. But first, there are a few things every player should consider before playing their first hand.

Video Poker

Best Video Poker Casino Sites For Australians

Are you a big fan of video poker?. We know, finding the best real money online casinos to play video poker can be bothersome. Well, this won’t be a struggle anymore. We put together this expert review with a curation of top online casinos to play video poker for Australian players.

Top Video Poker Games

Video poker options are extensive, and nobody wants to waste their time searching for the best real money casino games. That’s why we assembled the top five video poker game variants. Let’s take a look!

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is the most popular and commonly played video poker game. This game uses a standard 52 card deck where ‘deuces’ mean 2s. In this game variant, deuces replace other cards on the deck and set up a winning hand. This makes Deuces Wild an easy-going video poker game, but on the other hand, payouts might be a little lower.

Jokers Wild

At the Jokers Wild game, the joker card is used to replace any card on the deck, which helps players get a winning hand. The deck handled to play this type of video poker consists of a 53-card deck, plus one extra joker card. This game is also as popular as Deuces Wild.

Jacks Or Better

Several expert gamblers consider Jacks Or Better one of the most enticing video poker games ever. The game has some methods to minimize the house edge and boost your winning chances. When you start playing, you’ll receive five cards. Out of those, you have to pick and hold the ones that you’ll use in the next hand. To beat the game, players need to have a pair of jacks at least.

Tens Or Better

This game is quite similar to Jacks Or Better. The goal of Tens Or Better is to get at least a pair of tens. Players are dealt five cards after placing their bets and they can opt to keep them or discard them. Thus, discarded cards are replaced. Keep in mind that the highest payouts are when players get a Royal Flush.

Aces & Faces

This popular video poker variant is also played with a standard 52 card deck. The dynamics are the same as in the previously mentioned games, where players get five cards, hold them or discard them. The Aces And Faces game pays off when players combine face cards and aces. However, the face cards have to be at least a pair of jacks. Moreover, payouts also rise when players get four-of-a-kind combinations of face cards and aces.

Rules Of Video Poker

Video poker games have their own strategies and usually offer higher odds than other casino games. This is what makes the game so attractive.

To win, gamblers need a dash of good luck and good criteria to apply efficient strategies during the game.

The foundations of this popular gambling pastime consist of getting five cards. Then players can choose to keep them or discard them, those are replaced with new ones, so payouts will depend on the value of that hand. The main objective at video poker is getting a hand with a Royal Flush, which offers the highest payouts.

However, some other card combinations can payout too, like Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four Of A Kind, Three Of A Kind, Two Pair, Full House, and Flush. All these sequences are considered winning hands, and each one has its own payout rates.

Strategy Of Video Poker

Every player’s aim at an online casino is to hit a big prize. However, to make it a pleasant and enjoyable experience, you need to learn how to last longer on the game. In order to do that, you’ll need to work on some strategies.

It’s vital for players to know exactly which cards to discard or hold and when it’s more convenient to do so.

The best advice from expert poker players is to keep pairs even if they are low cards.

This guarantees at least a minimum scoring than getting none at all. On the flip side, before choosing where to play, check pay tables, as all hands are different. Most online casinos display pay tables on the game screen.

Another tip for Australian players, is to find video poker games with progressive payouts. Winnings are larger and house edge reduces which is a major advantage for gamblers. However, you should always check the pay tables before starting to play.

This comes in very handy to learn how much you can expect to win. Focus on choosing the best pay tables to maximize your returns. Keep in mind that pay tables are always displayed on every video poker game to help you make the right choice.

Finally, a good poker technique is knowing when to split a flush or a straight. This means that if players have the opportunity to get a Royal Flush, they can break up other combinations to hit a bigger prize.

Nevertheless, strategies depend on every player’s skills. Some are simpler, and others are quite complex.

Where To Play Free Video Poker Games?

Now that we shed some light on the fundamentals of video poker games, you just have to head to one of the online casinos listed above. We’ve put together some top real money casinos to play video poker with the best payouts for Aussie players.

Click on the online casino of your preference and choose among all the poker game variants. Online casinos are perfect to play from the comfort of your home, or on the go, in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.


How to play video poker?

Playing video poker is pretty simple. You just have to click on the online casino of your preference and check the pay tables.

Once you are ready to place your bet, you will be dealt five cards. You can choose to hold or discard them.Those discarded cards will be replaced. If it results in a winning combination, you’ll be paid out according to paytable rates.  It’s as simple as that.

How to win at video poker?

Winning combinations at video poker have different pay rates and may vary from game to game. Unlike traditional poker, players who hold a low hand will be paid. The winning hands from highest payouts to the lowest are as follows:

  • Royal Flush (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10)
  • Straight Flush (King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9)
  • Four Of A Kind (Four cards with the same number)
  • Full House (A pair of two and three cards with the same number each)
  • Flush (Five cards of the same suit, hearts, cloves, pikes, or diamonds)
  • Straight (Five consecutive numbers)
  • Three Of A Kind (Three cards with the same number)
  • Two Of A Kind (Two pairs of cards with the same number each)

How does video poker work?

Video poker uses a 52 standard card deck. After placing the bet, players have to hit the ‘deal’ button and the computer deals five random cards. If a player decides to discard any of the cards dealt, they have to pick those and click on ‘draw’ and the computer will automatically replace cards. This is a system that works randomly, so there’s no way to predict which card may come up next.

What’s the main difference between video poker and traditional poker?

The main difference between video poker and the traditional game is that in the online version, you don’t play against other competitors. It’s a single-player game. This means that players don’t have to think and analyze their opponents’ strategies before placing a bet. Whatsmore, if a player gets one of the lowest hands, they will still be paid out. To sum up, video poker requires fewer skills and it’s a much more fast-paced game.

Which video poker games should I play?

The best video poker games are those that offer great payouts and are straightforward to play. Players will boost their gambling experience by choosing the most popular video poker games such as Deuces Wild, Jacks Or Better, Tens Or Better, Jokers Wild and Aces & Faces, to name a few.

How to tell if a video poker machine is going to hit?

There’s no certain way to know. Video poker games are controlled by a computer that deals random cards, so combinations are endless. This makes it almost impossible to predict when a video poker machine is going to hit.